Tangent Collaboration: Patrick Thomas

The following is the first rehearsal that Patrick and I had together in support of his DYP process, in which I have overlaid our recorded conversation from that session with a section of the filming from that day. We came to repeat this process of filmed performance in various guises in the lead up to Patrick’s final performance, building a rapport and finding a shared visual language, giving him a bank of past performance footage to draw from for reference and inclusion in his final outcome, but also giving myself a chance to play with ideas within the area of video/installation/performance that my key collaboration with Emma was dealing with, but without the pressure of assessment that comes with that key collaboration.

This resulting video is an interesting outcome in itself, combined with the audio; a kind of vulnerable glimpse into the enthusiasm of an initial idea taking off…

Patrick DYP rehearsal with Conversation from OD Davey on Vimeo.

password: interactions

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