Scratch Performance: Presentation Script

Below is my presentation script that details ideas around a specific area of interest in our practical assessment. It includes a Reference List  and, as this is a video/lecture, video transitions are in block capitals:   TITLE / INTRO   Although our scratch draws upon most of the topics covered in this module, my focus for … Continue reading Scratch Performance: Presentation Script

Scratch: Origins and initial results

Following Kate’s persona workshops, and the night before Jason’s lecture on Digital Culture, I had a flu-induced dream in which a scarecrow’s face is replaced by a screen, like Beckett’s projected performance onto Verdonck’s blank mannequin in Actor #1, the sound coming through the scarecrow’s hands that are cupped over my ears.  During Jason’s brainstorming … Continue reading Scratch: Origins and initial results

Creative Interactions: Assessment 2: CONTEXT OF FUTURE WORK / ACTION PLANNING

In moving this interdisciplinary exchange forward, Emma’s MA dissertation performance at the Dance@Salford Festival (New Adelphi Theatre, 2019) gives us an immediate opportunity to present the work for feedback from peers, lecturers and the public, with a necessity therefore to develop the work through more intensive rehearsal in preparation for this debut. This will in … Continue reading Creative Interactions: Assessment 2: CONTEXT OF FUTURE WORK / ACTION PLANNING

Creative Interactions: Assessment 2: PROCESS DOCUMENTATION

I began the project with an email to the Dance MA which gave context to my previous work in the form of a selected portfolio. This offer ran in parallel to a contingency exchange with Ross Sutherland which would also see my music and filmmaking used but towards more of an essay film outcome. However, this contingency offered … Continue reading Creative Interactions: Assessment 2: PROCESS DOCUMENTATION

Creative Interactions: Assessment 2: CONTEXT

For Key Contexts I researched affect theory in relation to repetition within William Kentridge’s (2018) durational installation, Thick Time, and I sought to find a collaboration that would allow for my own version of this kind of performance space, which combined looping fixed media with the “live” movement of physical objects. I could provide the looping … Continue reading Creative Interactions: Assessment 2: CONTEXT

Lecture Demo

password: interactions   TITLES (all following bold text is video transitions)   INTRO TEXT: This presentation is about the collaboration between my discipline of music and filmmaking and Emma Lane’s discipline of dance, the tangents of connection along the way and a demonstration of our outcomes via the material of my discipline. Once I’ve explained … Continue reading Lecture Demo